Asset Management Stock and Purchase Management

You wish to buy at the best price, be delivered on time and avoid additional costs related to storage?

Our Infor EAM solution enables you to optimize your entire supply chain process.



  • Automatic purchase requisitions based on reorder level
  • Management of a common supplier’s reference for all your subsidiaries
  • Purchase of items, equipments and services
  • Orders on the basis of contracts or budgets or projects
  • Set up of validation process on Purchare Requsitions and Orders
  • Definition of limits on orders according to buyer‘s profiles
  • Management of request for quotation and suplliers’ offers


  • Definition of a tree structure of items with the possibility of indicating spare parts (unlimited numbers of levels)
  • Codification of items
  • Classification of items by families, sub-families
  • Real time stock evaluation ( FIFO, LIFO, PUMP)
  • Management of several stores (parents and child stores)
  • Historisation of the transactions on every item: issues, returns, receptions and stock take


  • Follow-up of requisitions and orders
  • Monthly usage
  • Store issues report by store and by cost center
  • Order receipts in progress
  • Purchase history per order /supplier



  • Solution for all activities
  • Better management of equipments
  • Regular monitoring of costs
  • Centralization of your suppliers (better deadlines, negociated prices,etc)
  • Computerization of your purchase process (level of validation)