Asset management

Companies know that success depends on the improvement of their assets performance to reduce costs and promote growth. Infor helps customers to measure the relation between the good management of their assets and their growth. We offer the functionality of asset management you need to meet that goal. So your EAM solution can significantly improve operational efficiency.


Infor EAM Entreprise is a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) solution which allows you to constantly watch the status and the performances of your equipments, to analyze the data in order to anticipate the problems and taka the best decisions.


With over 20 years of experience, Infor EAM experts have accompanied thousands of companies worldwide – including more than 60% of the 500 largest.


Infor EAM Entreprise meets your needs, whatever your sector: preventive and curative maintenance, management of energy consumption, risks anticipation, fleet management, asset tracking, etc.


Infor EAM Entreprise helps you to:

  • Reduce your purchase and transport costs as well as the volume of your stocks while making your staff more productive.
  • Comply with regulations without the complexity.
  • Maintain your equipments operational and plan their replacement.
  • Manage returns and warranty claims.


Infor EAM Entreprise provides the tools to manage the deployment, maintenance and performance of your assets and also to improve availability and reduce costs.

The predictive maintenance functionalities and assist you in everyday life – simple, reliable and economical. You receive alerts, data and real-time analysis that you need to quickly make the right decisions, and redirect the problems, if necessary, to the appropriate resources.

Infor EAM Entreprise offers the following functionalities:

  • Hierarchical management of assets. Locate and estimate the cost of your assets, using an arborescence grouping equipments, systems and locations.
  • Budget management. Automate all movements related to your budget specifications for maintenance.
  • Inspections management. Receive automatic notifications of issues after inspection and the ways to solve them.
  • Purchasing management. Order the right pieces and stay up to date in terms of deadlines, suppliers payment and goods reception.
  • Task management. Trace and manage all requests, planning, programming and execution.
  • Material management. Watch and check your warehouse inventories using sophisticated tool: reception, issues, returns, etc.