Business Case – telecoms

In Telecommunications sector, the first difficulty consist in developing loyalty of the customers, but the challenges do not stop there. To keep a step ahead on your competitors, you have to increase the average income by subscriber. For this, you must not only improve traditional services but also anticipate new opportunities in converging voice, data and video services. Keep you customers in focus, do not neglect other significant challenges. Especially focus on how to maximize the return of funds invested in infrastructure.

The tools and technologies provided by Infor EAM give you serious competitive advantage. They allow you to sustain customer relationships and build a highly flexible infrastructure. So you’ll be able to counteract the new threats to your business and size the slightest opportunity. This solution helps you exploit every customer interaction across all channels, thanks to integrated functions of marketing, sales and service. Furthermore, you can give a boost to your systems by adopting and integrating future technologies.

Infor has technical know-how and solid business expertise acquired over the years with the biggest worldwide telecommunication companies. Perfectly integrated, our business solutions answer the specificities of this sector and are specially designed to manage strategic functions. You can follow in particular the marketing activities on all the channels of interaction, incoming and outgoing, manage opportunities sand follow all operations initiated from the call center. By doing this, you are able to boost the profitability of your customers … and to boost innovation.