Financial management

Today the financial directors of innovative companies are more than ever confronted with important challenges but also with more opportunities.


Issues such as growth, regulation compliance, corporate governance and cost control are complex, especially for international companies. The need to produce more at a lower cost has never been greater. For these financial directors these challenges are accompanied with opportunities to bring an added value to their company by acting as strategic advisers and internal consultants. The extension of responsibilities is an evolution of the financial managerial function and an opportunity to really make a difference, by using the adequate technology.


Infor FMS SunSystems gathers a range of strategic functions on an adjustable platform with multi-language, open systems. This solution, used in an international context, easy to use, provides good visibility to decision makers.


Infor FMS SunSystems groups several traditional financial management solutions as well as solutions that meet the needs of sophisticated financial environments.



At the heart of the solution is a big integrated ledger which groups the functions of general accounting, customers and suppliers, accounting of projects, management of cash flow and accounts defined by the user. This powerful and in real time transaction processing engine, allows you to measure the immediate impact of any financial transaction.


  • Finances

General accounting, customers and suppliers accounting, consolidation, distributions, multicurrency treatments, management of fixed assets, budget management and debt management.


  • Supplies

Complete expense management web based solution for deployment to the largest number of employees. Employees are able to manage their own needs while respecting the rules and company policies.


  • Order management

Complete solution of sales, purchases and inventory transactions management. It was designed to fit in your partners-customers chain and enables you to define the sequence of transactions, the generating of associated documents and the updating of accounts and inventory.


  • Time, expense and resources management

This module offers web self-service applications that increase productivity and performance of employees by allowing the registration, approval and tracking time and expenses as well as the resources management.


  • Automation of services

Automated functions for projects’ accounting, resource management, time management, expense and invoicing. This optimizes the usage and so generate income advantage.


  • Integrated analyses

This module provides a comprehensive set of reporting and business intelligence solutions that allow you to turn your data into strategic information provided to the right people at the right time.