Performance Management – Reporting & Analyse

Infor ION BI is a set of proven solutions for performance management, integrated online analytical processing capabilities (OLAP) which allow you to improve your decision-making and business processes by providing your employees the key information they need in real time.


With Infor ION BI, managers of your company benefit from the reporting and analysis they need to supervise and control more efficiently performances and take better decisions. The solution is composed of three main applications: Office Plus for detailed reporting and analysis, OLAP Server to model business processes and generate forecasts and Application Studio which allows you to generate your reports in a familiar spread sheet environment. Infor ION BI offers powerful tools to improve the collect of information and sharing of knowledge throughout your organization. .


Infor ION BI solutions are based on familiar spread sheet interface to streamline and accelerate the process of collecting, analysing and reporting data essential for decision making. By providing you with an enhanced version of the tools you use every day, Business Intelligence allows you to simplify complex choices, to design better your projects and communicate more quickly with the concerned actors. Each solution includes specific features, all designed to optimize results:

  • Application Studio – allows you to generate your reports in a familiar spread sheet.
  • Office Plus – – detailed reporting and in-depth analysis to improve collaboration and optimize business processes. Assistants help you to generate complex reports such as trend analysis. You can also create custom templates or adapt existing models to incorporate design elements, performance indicators, etc.
  • OLAP Server – a platform for modelling all business processes and foreseeing the impact of any changes in these processes. BI OLAP Server integrates into your multidimensional data modelling, to develop scenarios based on assumptions, and improve decision making. You can quickly test multiple scenarios and define rules into account interdependences. The solution also includes a common administrator interface, allowing you to control online backups, manage servers and remote database or update roles. Furthermore, all changes are written into tables of relational databases, easily allowing you to retrace your steps to optimize your models quickly and efficiently.

Infor ION BI help decision makers to :

  • Access critical information.Filter and analyse data to improve decision making.
  • Share information across the entire organization in real time.
  • Merge data from multiple sources into a single report.
  • Transform raw data into actionable information.
  • Get best results and quick ROI.