Alpha Centauri offers a wide range of training services


Our training services covers several areas enabling your business to grow and increase the value of its human capital. You can follow the online course with your rhythm.

Training project teams


Alpha Centauri courses are conceived to train your team to implement the features of the solution.  The knowledge acquired during this training course will allow the team to implement, develop and lead sessions and get ready for the various activities of the implementation.


Training of the end users


During this phase the end users are trained to execute their daily tasks in the new system by means of the policies and the procedures established previously.


Alpha Centauri noticed that the best way to familiarize the end users with the system was to provide this training by the customer’s project team.


  • Users learn how to perform their daily tasks using the procedures developed by the project team.
  • Project team members gain credibility and acceptance by end users, as experts and « pro of the system »
  • By providing training themselves to end users, project team members acquire the confidence they need to run and manage the new system.
  • One of the key factors in the success of the Infor implementation methodology is that the client must take ownership of the system and become an expert.

your Benefits


  • A self service access to our documentary library
  • An optimized knowledge of the system
  • Performances and productivity increased
  • Reduced training costs
  • A significant tim esaving for your employees